Scott Speedman is joining Grey's Anatomy. It's not confirmed how long his run will be or if he's even playing a doctor at Seattle Grace Mercy Grey Sloan West Whatever (I still watch every episode of this show I have no idea what the hospital's current name is) but that is not going to stop me from calling his character Dr. Ben Covington until further notice. Just kidding. We all know Ben wasn't smart enough to become a doctor. 

The news comes after Scott Speedman's character on Animal Kingdom was presumed dead in last season’s finale. I don’t watch Animal Kingdom so, truthfully, I didn't know Scott Speedman had a steady gig. The last time I wrote about him, he was being adorable with Keri Russell on Kimmel and begging for a Felicity reunion because he joked, “I’ll be on Lifetime in no time.” 

Grey’s Anatomy is not Lifetime. I know most of you gave up on Grey’s seasons ago but I promise it’s still (sometimes) really good TV. Plus, Shonda Rhimes is GREAT at repurposing our childhood TV boyfriends for her shows. See: Scott Foley on Grey’s and Scandal. It’s still under wraps who Scott Speedman will be playing on Grey’s but The Hollywood Reporter announcement mentioned Martin Henderson's Nathan Riggs. Nathan was brought in as a love interest for Meredith about a season after Derek Shepherd died (RIP McDreamy). Just when we started feeling Meredith and Martin together, they wrote him off the show by bringing back his dead ex-wife. Hey, I said Grey’s was still good, I didn’t say it was any less batsh-t. 

When Martin Henderson left the show, Shonda told TV Line that Meredith may not be getting another love interest any time soon. 

 “Meredith is a very complex character who had the love of her life die. I don’t know that, for her, an epic romance is exactly what she’s looking for. I think it might come when she least expects it, but I don’t think that’s what she is looking for next. And so I kind of subscribe to the idea that a woman should be looking for something else. Mainly something for herself as opposed to basing everything on a man.”

Ellen Pompeo echoed these sentiments – a little less delicately— in her EPIC profile in THR.

“The truth is, the ink wasn't even dry on [Patrick Dempsey's] exit papers before they rushed in a new guy… I couldn't believe how fast the studio and the network felt like they had to get a penis in there. We brought in Martin Henderson, but they didn't love the storyline, so that ended."

I get it. Mer is a badass feminist who doesn’t need a man BUT this show is going on for at least two more seasons. As much as it is definitely Ellen Pompeo’s show, it is still a primetime soap opera. I want to see some good ol’ sexy times in the on-call room! I would like Meredith to start getting some real soon and I would like for the person she gets it on with to be Dr. Ben Covington. You can still be a badass feminist and make out with hot dudes, OK. 

Let us have this, Shonda.