Michael B Jordan is now in New York as he will be guest-hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. It’s his first time – and he’s a big get. MBJ is a big deal. He also has his own big deal coming up: Creed III, opening March 4, his feature film directorial debut. So it’s a season of debuts for MBJ. I’m curious to see how game he is in the sketches. And what the writers have pitched for his week. 


Because there’s a lot to work with. We don’t get a lot of comedy MBJ. Like, obviously we know he can do drama and action, and there are humorous moments here and there in his projects, but over the last few years, especially as he’s become more and more famous, we haven’t seen him in the comedy space. I think, though, that that’s where he can surprise. That it’s in there, it just hasn’t been given the right opportunity. Let’s see, then, if MBJ gets silly and goofy, and how it looks on him. I also wouldn’t mind if the writers put him in a few sketches where he gets to lean into the edge of MBJ. 

I’m talking about that Killmonger edge. He’s good at playing a dick! Which is why his close friend and collaborator Ryan Coogler cast him in that role, specifically. Because we can get caught up in the “good guy” thing where MBJ is concerned – but he’s actually very effective in greyer territory. There’s a scene in Black Panther, after he robs the museum, where Killmonger escapes and is taken onto an ambulance with his girlfriend; he turns to her and smirks, and then they make out. It’s dark, but it’s also HOT. His arrogance, I’m a little embarrassed to say, is hot. He makes it hot. Now I want to see what that looks like as a character on SNL. 


But also… just look at this smile. Now this is a movie star smile.