The last time we posted about Sebastian Stan it was Kathleen writing, in February, at NY Fashion week, and for some reason, his hair didn’t hit me as hard as it’s hitting me now. Or maybe his haircut is just looking better and better? It’s not really a haircut anymore. It’s just his hair. So, OK fine, his hair … he’s hot with this hair. Bucky with the bad hair has become Bucky with the good hair. 

Here’s Sebastian on Monday at the opening night of Lobby Hero starring his co-Avenger Chris Evans who has decided to go ugly for Broadway. So Chris’s hotness stock has dropped which only increases Sebastian’s. Check them out, side by side. 

Here and there I hear nerd talk about how Bucky Barnes will eventually become Captain America. I think maybe it’s Sarah who’s the nerd talking at me about this? There is so much information to retain! My point here is that based on the photo, that torch should be passed already, if not soon. 

Earlier this week, Marvel released new character posters for Avengers: Infinity War. There are so many Avengers that they had to release several posters grouping select Avengers together with select others. Captain America and Bucky, Chris and Sebastian, are on the same poster. With Shuri!!! 

Shuri fixed Bucky (which we should all know by now because we’ve all seen Black Panther, right? that box office would suggest it) so it makes sense that they’ve been included together. But… like… one day will they be, like, together-together?! Don’t give me a nerd reason for why this can’t happen. Tell it to me in high school rom-com terms. 

PS. Also attached – Sebastian at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. I slept on these shots too. Jesus he looks amazing in that blue velvet tuxedo.