I think I’ve mentioned a few times this year how into Coach I am. I wore the sh-t out of the “Rexy” sweatshirt last winter. And several of their spring dresses. Here’s an example:

What Coach is doing, as I’ve also mentioned, is kind of a knock-off Gucci. It’s a similar vibe…at a lower price point. That’s not to say Coach ready-to-wear is, like, Zara. It’s not Zara. It’s still expensive. But there are levels of expensive. Gucci is much higher on the expensive scale than Coach. Gucci dresses can go for at least $2000. And at Coach you can get their versions for half that, if not more than half. Even a sweater at Gucci, like those sweaters that celebrities are wearing with tigers on them? Over $2000. A leather jacket at Coach is about $1500. So they’re not playing in the same park, Gucci and Coach.

Selena Gomez has been the face of Coach for about a year now. She’s been in New York shooting a film and also repping Coach at NY Fashion Week, sitting next to Anna Wintour at the Coach Spring 2018 show yesterday. It’s a really smart partnership, both for the label and for Selena. Coach’s rebrand started last year to push Coach 1941, its luxury line. Which is also when Selena became their ambassador. And now people are talking about Coach like it’s “cool again”. The Rexy collection has been super popular with millennials. Lately it’s been the NASA collection. And the pieces they just sent down the runway this week should extend the streak. For Selena then, as part of her career, as the most visible star wearing Coach, there’s only upside to the association as the brand continues to reinvent itself as not just a place where you go for a starter bag but as a label to build your wardrobe around.