Selena Gomez and Timothee Chalamet worked together on a Woody Allen film called A Rainy Day in New York back in 2017. It was released in Europe last year and this summer in the UK but its American release, just two years ago, was … a non-event. For obvious reasons. 


Selena and Timmy have stayed in touch since then though and they hooked up live on Instagram this weekend to encourage their followers to vote. Timmy was waiting to vote during parts of the conversation and ended up sharing the conversation with his line buddies who had also showed up to participate in the democratic process. Video of their interaction is below. Needless to say, social media freaked out over their friendship. I’m telling you, I often get more excited about celebrity friendships than I do about celebrity romances. 

Timothee praised Selena for her activism, for her influence on him when they were shooting the movie together. And they were both pretty clear how they hope the election will turn out – not in Donald Trump’s favour. This should not be a surprise. I don’t think anyone was under the illusion that these two cape for a man who’s made a mess of, well, everything. The point here though is that both of them speak to and can reach young people and engaging that demographic is critical. 


It was also clear from their conversation that they speak often. They alluded to it during their discussion and since their discussion was for broadcast, they were strictly business – which means that their vibe probably wasn’t how they really speak to one another so I’m curious about how regularly they do connect, if there’s a group chat, who else is on the group chat, and when and where they hang out? Like… 

Has Selena been around Timmy and Eiza Gonzalez? Is he even with Eiza Gonzalez anymore? She is based in LA and he’s based in New York and she was seen in New York a couple of weeks ago but not with him. Are they over already or just deeply undercover?