Yesterday, Sarah wrote about Top Gun: Maverick and the disappointing news that Miles “kind of a dick” Teller beat out Nicholas Hoult and Glen Powell for the role of Goose Jr. How do you choose MILES TELLER over Glen Powell AND Nicholas Hoult? HOW? 

Sarah's exact words were “we do not deserve Glen Powell”. For further evidence of this fact, Glen gave a delightfully dorky response to the news that he lost out on the role. 

The best part is "two for symmetry." Not only is Glen admitting that he lost out on a role, he's admitting that he cares. And that he's a fanboy. Even though he's clearly joking, it's self-deprecating and endearing. Miles Teller could never. If you didn't know Glen Powell was this adorable, you probably haven't watched Set It Up yet. If you haven't watched Set It Up yet, why do you hate joy? Fix your life. 

Set It Up is Netflix's latest original rom-com which people have been swooning over for weeks now. Lainey gave you a play-by-play of her plans to watch Set It Up. During her meticulously-planned solo screening, she live-texted me how much she enjoyed it. I also thoroughly enjoyed Set It Up. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice in one day. 

Set It Up was probably made from a Netflix algorithm targeting people like me who search the "romantic comedy" genre tab every Friday night pretending I haven't watched them all at least five times already. My algorithm also told Netflix that I loved Taye Diggs hard during my formative years because of how many times I've watched Rent the movie. Then, it figured out that I think Lucy Liu can do no wrong because she was in Charlie's Angels and the Independent Women Pt. 1 music video and both of those things mean a lot to every woman my age. Then the algorithm took every cliche plot point from all the rom-coms I've watched a million times and made a movie. It's not groundbreaking or unique but I don't care I loved it so damn much.

Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch have the key ingredient needed for a successful romantic comedy: chemistry. Such sweet chemistry. They're having a great time together as Charlie and Harper, overworked assistants who set up their bosses so they don't have to work as much. When I wrote about the Set It Up trailer, I wasn't convinced that Zoey and Glen could maintain my interest as the co-leads. I was also mad they relegated Lucy and Taye to the B-plot. No one told Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs they were side characters because they own this movie. They have more screen time than I thought they would and their individual charisma leaps off the screen so much you forget they're both supposed to be horrible people. 

Zoey Deutch is funny and likeable and Glen Powell proves that he can be a leading man, not just that guy we were crushing on in Hidden Figures. He also proved that any time a casting director wants to cast Miles Teller, they should pick Glen Powell instead. Every. Time. In Set It Up, even when Glen's character Charlie is being an asshole, you're still rooting for him to get the girl. THAT is exactly why he should've played Goose Jr. 

For more of Zoey and Glen being cute, please watch the below hysterical clip of them setting up strangers on a first date (hosted by my friend Shannon Boodram!). I like them so much together, I want them to date IRL but turns out, Zoey has a boyfriend. Glen and Nina Dobrev broke up last year. Who are we Gossip Genie-ing him with next?