Seth Rogen was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night to promote The Lion King. Sarah went to an advance screening yesterday and I haven’t heard from her since. I wonder if she’s keeping me in suspense or if it was just not worth reacting to. Sarah is not as excited about the shot-for-shot live action remakes as others. The people who are super excited about The Lion King are reacting pretty positively – and many say that Seth and Billy Eichner, as Pumbaa and Timon, steal the movie. 

And then, of course, there’s the Beyoncé factor. Which is 99% of the reason I want to see The Lion King. And 100% of why there was a standing ovation at the premiere the other night. Seth and Jimmy talk about Beyoncé’s presence at the event and how they both reacted to her. It came up in conversation pretty early too. As expected, as I’ve been saying, Beyoncé’s not doing interviews – so instead they’re talking about her in all the interviews. This also happened when Donald Glover was on with Jimmy and he said that he didn’t want to sing with her in studio, that it was like not wanting to go one-on-one against Michael Jordan.

Anyway, back to that standing ovation – Jimmy was in the audience too, confirming that, indeed, he and his wife Molly, who was freaking out that Beyoncé was near, stood up when she was introduced on stage. No one else got a standing ovation. As Seth says, she gets a standing ovation for simply existing. And this is the thing I keep pointing out: even among celebrities, she’s on another level. 

As for whether or not Seth finally got to meet her, he did, but not by approaching her. He waited for her to decide she wanted to speak to him. This is useful information for all of us, on the off-chance we find ourselves with an opportunity to possibly maybe meet Beyoncé, you must wait for her to make the approach first. Once she determines that you’ve been patient enough, that you have earned it, she will glide over and allow you to be blessed. Basically don’t be too thirsty. Keep your thirst away from the Queen.