Dear Gossips, 

There were several anniversaries happening yesterday. It was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s second wedding anniversary. It was also the one year anniversary of Katy Cambridge’s Chelsea Nature Garden which she commemorated on Instagram today with a new photo: 


The Cambridges have also given their social media accounts a name change. “KensingtonRoyal” is still being used as the handle on both Instagram and Twitter but the display name is now their titles “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”. So a more personal approach and perhaps a public relations distance from their office, which is Kensington Palace. The way Buckingham Palace represents the Queen and Clarence House reps Prince Charles… and the staff within. More on House Cambridge later. Right now we’re talking about anniversaries. And the big pop culture anniversary from yesterday that we were all talking about non-stop a year ago today was the series finale of Game of Thrones. People were MAD. Mad enough to start petitions. For those who did start and sign the petitions, I’m curious, do they still care? I can’t remember if I was mad. I know I didn’t sign a petition. And after all this time, the thing that has stayed with me, which I guess means it’s my favourite moment from the ending, is that Sansa Stark married herself. It was the Game of Thrones/Sex and the City crossover. 

But you know what was the best anniversary yesterday? Yesterday Sarah wrote about the new Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams movie that was based on Eurovision. Eurovision 2019 ended on May 18 and the following day, the winner had to share social media space with… 


It’s a shame, I can’t find her name. She was the band Hatari’s sign language interpreter. And she went viral for her performance!

Happy Anniversary to her. I don’t know where she is right now, and I wish I knew her name, but wherever you are, hope you are healthy and safe. 

Yours in gossip,