Back in October, I wrote about a tip I saw on DeuxMoi about Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers dating. I had no insider info, the tip just kind of stuck out for me because it was so random. 

I don’t really have an opinion on Shailene Woodley except that she has aggressive bangs and Aaron Rodgers is the guy with the family drama (they were estranged, his family often spoke out about it being because they said he’d “gone Hollywood” under the influence of a famous girlfriend, Olivia Munn, at the time, though their breakup didn’t seem to fix the family issues). If Aaron and Shailene are dating, they have been super quiet about it. The last person Aaron Rodgers dated was Danica Patrick and they were pretty public and Instagram official. Their split was made public in July 2020 with no specifics. 


Shailene was dating a rugby star and they were also Instagram official and she posted this about him. She confirmed they had broken up in an April 2020 interview.

Both of those breakups happened after much of North America went into lockdown and there’s no scandal attached to either, nor is there a question of overlap. 


E! broke the story, which they had likely been sitting on for a while (if Deux Moi knew in October) with scant details. Shailene is working in Montreal and Aaron has been focused on his season in Green Bay, which has now ended. It says they do long distance but make time for each other. 

Most people are trying (or should be trying) to minimize their travel and Shailene working in Canada complicates things. Long distance is tough right now. Canada has a mandatory two week quarantine for visitors from any other country, including the US. So if she left Montreal and crossed the border into the US, she would have to quarantine when she got back, which could majorly screw up production (there is no exception for celebrities or people who test negative). As long as she’s working in Montreal, she isn’t able to pop down on the weekends and now that his season is over, he can come up to visit but he would have to quarantine by himself for two weeks. 


Those complications are unique to the times we are living in, but hopefully temporary. Maybe they are working their way through and seeing what happens.

PEOPLE’s details are a little more interesting though:

“One source tells PEOPLE that Rodgers, 37, seems very happy with Woodley, 29, while another insider says that though the pair are dating, the relationship is casual.”

So which is it? Very happy or casual? Or maybe it’s both, very happily casual. But from the sound of it, one person’s source is a little more eager. If you were betting on this like a football game, who would you think that is? My money would be on Aaron.