Katy Perry is getting into the health food thing. She and Orlando Bloom are apparently really into the apple cider vinegar thing. I *think* it helps Katy poo easier? I tried it once because I will try anything that helps me poo and it wasn’t the poo promised land. Will being associated with Katy Perry help sell apple cider vinegar? Why isn’t anyone approaching me to be a spokesperson for their poo products? Especially in Canada. Nobody talks about poo as much as I do. (Dlisted) 

Katy may or may not be trying to get in on what Gwyneth Paltrow and goop are doing. Of course one of Gwyneth’s own is defending goop and its practices. That would be Tracy Anderson who says G is not scamming when she’s charging people thousands of dollars to go to her summits. Tracy’s run events like that before. I have a friend who went to some Tracy Anderson health camp thing in Hawaii a few years back and she said that they exercised the whole time and ate apple sauce. I feel like that might have been an exaggeration? But then again it’s almost impossible to exaggerate anything these days because everything is weird and crazy. (Cele|bitchy) 

Shailene Woodley does indeed look GREAT at Kimmel in this black and white suit. And I prefer that the jacket is short sleeved! It gives the shoulders a little more shape and that shape happens to go great with the pattern. What would you call this pattern? There has to be a word for it that I can’t find in my mind right now but maybe because whenever I see this pattern, all of think about is “broken asteroid”. Right? Like chunks of matter breaking off from a big ass piece of rock hurtling across space? I’ve seen Armageddon too many times. (Go Fug Yourself) 

It’s that time of year! I mentioned this last year because it was new to me then and now it’s like I’ve been waiting for it: Flying Ant Day in England! Once a year, something happens and so many f-cking ants start flying all over the place to lay their eggs, or something. All that matters, to me anyway, is that that’s the day I would call in sick to work. (Pajiba) 

I love lists. And I have a very specific Goldilocks requirement about my lists. They can’t be too long and they can’t be too short. This is a very good list. It’s not too short, it’s not too long, it’s perfect. And the subject is very import: Best Batman Chins. RIGHT! Excellent list. (Vulture)