Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are self-isolating together, as we’ve seen, which means they showed up on the iHeart Living Room Concert last night. She sang, he played guitar. His hair and his quarantine tan were already working for me. But my oh my when he’s playing guitar, with that hair, and that quarantine tan, Shawn Mendes has never been hotter. 

“My Oh My” is the song that Camila performed last night, complete with the lyric, “Stand next to me, you’re gonna end up catching a fever” which…LOL, the timing. She sounded great. I mean she sounded F-CKING awesome. And, again, Christ he is hot. Sorry. It’s just all that hair and the guitar and his face, and the two of them together, it’s sizzling. 

Just a question though, like a gentle one. 

Did you see that at one point she picked up her phone to get the lyrics? Just after the one minute mark:


This is her song, right? And I get it, that part is fast but, like, if it were you would you have memorised the song? 

Maybe they’re too busy doing whatever it is that they’re doing together in isolation to memorise. Did you see those shots of them out for a walk from Friday. They look… like they’ve been through a workout.