After Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were seen all over each other at Coachella, the question was whether or not they were together for just one night or back together for real. It’s been a few days and we may now have the answer because a tourist saw them last night and posted it on Instagram. 

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello holding hands 

That’s definitely them. And they’re definitely holding hands. But even if we didn’t have photo confirmation of the two after Coachella, Camila’s serving up the information on her own IG. She posted a clip from a new song… and Coachella is in the lyrics: 


“How come you're just so much better?

Is this gonna end ever? 

I guess I'll f-ck around and find out 

Are you coming to Coachella?

If you don't, it's whatever 

If you do, honey, 

It'll be all I think about”

Seems pretty obvious what this is about. And it’s not like they don’t know that everyone saw what they were doing and talking about it. Now she’s put the gossip into a song which is called “June Gloom” but she captioned it “4.12” which was last Wednesday so is that when she told him she wanted to get back together and asked him to come to Coachella to seal it? 

That said, putting the gossip into a song and teasing it like that, for some people, feels like PR, like it’s a stunt to generate attention for her new music. And there were already people who doubted that their relationship was legit. What, then, is the next move? 

Attached - Shawn at the gym the other day in LA.