Shawn Mendes is isolating with Camila Cabello in Miami. But not just Camila. He’s with her family – or at least her dad is around. They were seen putting up a basketball court together. I was naively thinking they were on their own and, you know, when we see them out for their walks they look…like… they look like they’ve been busy. 

Busy with basketball going forward!

Funny because last week on What’s Your Drama, Sasha and I got a letter from a woman whose college-age daughter is so in love with her Romeo that she wants to leave the safety of their home to move back in with him at their dorm for two weeks because they can’t stand being away from each other. Mom was worried because Romeo’s family members haven’t been practising social distancing. My suggestion was, hey, if you’re cool with them being together (she said she liked him and seemed pretty chill about how horny they are), why doesn’t he just move in with your family and you can all lock it down together – he can help out with the chores. Kinda like what Shawn’s doing now, in lockdown with Camila and her dad.

Not that this is anything remarkable. Nobody needs to be a pearl-clutcher about this, please. Like anyone is out here thinking these are the days of Jane Austen with chaperones and sh-t. Of course not. It’s just, no matter how progressive you are, the thought of getting intimate when your parents are within a block away is… 

Not an issue, not when you’re Shawn and Camila’s age, and I remember this clearly. As I got older though, like now, when I’m staying at my in-laws, there is ZERO desire. The store is closed for all the days. Then again, these are not normal days. These are the days of quarantine. Regular rules don’t apply. 

If you’re feeling it, and you can get it, GET IT.