I was just saying the other day after the Hollywood premiere of Cinderella that I was surprised that Shawn Mendes wasn’t there to support Camila Cabello. Turns out they were saving the moment for Miami. 


There’s a Prince Charming comment here that I can’t quite land on and it’s corny anyway but you get the idea – here they are, Camila in her princess skirt with a crop top, and excellent eye makeup, and Shawn showing up for an entirely different movie altogether. Is this movie a cross between the fairy tale and Saturday Night Fever? Does anyone reading this under 25 years old understand that reference? 

Not that I mind this look on Shawn, not at all. It’s so much more fun when men play with fashion options. We’ve had centuries of the same – a suit, a shirt, a tie. Why not wear a sheer blouse and unbutton it to your navel over a pair of Florida retiree pants? Or maybe it’s not so much Saturday Night Fever than it is The Birdcage! God I love that movie, Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.


Back to Camila and Shawn and Cinderella the morning after – he posted this a few hours ago on Instagram: 

That’s meant to be a sunrise and a nod to the movie, right? Or am I giving him too much credit?