As Sarah wrote in her Sundance preview post the other day, Shia LaBeouf’s Honey Boy (he wrote the script based on his relationship with his father) is one of the most anticipated films of the festival, probably on curiosity. It is, after all, Shia LaBeouf. Ahead of tonight’s world premiere, Shia arrived in Park City yesterday with FKA twigs. 

News first broke that Shia and twigs were together in September. Since then, they’ve maintained a low-ish profile. Not necessarily hiding but they’re not papped every day either. I’d say the frequency of their sightings is on par with Robert Pattinson, her ex-fiancé, and Suki Waterhouse – about once a month. Now that we know she’s joined him for Sundance, I wonder if it means they’ll be making their first official public appearance together. Red carpet? I mean, certainly, there’s a professional reason for it since she has a part in the film. But that’s, presumably, how they met. And when they fell in love. So if they’re junketing together, will it come up? 

In other FKA twigs news, this video on Instagram that she posted a couple of weeks ago: 


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She’s training with Justin Yu, who specialises in martial arts and stunts. He’s worked on the Fast Furious and John Wick franchises, among others. Is this a personal fitness hobby that she might incorporate into her choreography or is there an action movie in her future? She looks good!