Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth started dating in 2012 when she was 18. There was a commitment ceremony in 2016. Think about what the last few years have been like for Shia. Mia has been through some SH-T. 

Shia and Mia were seen kissing, very togetherly, back in May. That was also when production began on Honey Boy, written by Shia himself, about his relationship with his father. FKA twigs is in the movie. And Shia was seen leaving her place in London this week. They also went out for a run yesterday. So he’s staying with her. Which is why everyone is assuming they’re dating. And now his rep has confirmed that he and Mia have filed for divorce and that it’s “amicable”. Sure it is. 

Well, good for Mia. I mean, I’m not sure anyone would have expected that to last. Again, she’s been with Shia since she was 18 years old. And it’s not like that was a smooth run. Mia is now 24. She’s moving into a new stage in her career. She’s been working with well-regarded directors: Luca Guadagnino and Claire Denis most recently. It’s a good time for her to reset her personal and professional identities. 

For twigs though…

Oh girl, are you sure? 

FKA twigs was previously engaged to Robert Pattinson who, curiously, just worked with Mia on High Life – they were at TIFF together for the premiere. (Another example of Hollywood Is Too Small.) Dating Robert Pattinson comes with its own drama. Those Twi-Hards, as you know, couldn’t let it go. There was a lot of racism. There was a lot of online abuse. And twigs clearly struggled with that kind of attention. Going from that to Shia, who’s the prom king of self-created drama, is another level of f-cksh-t. Like, I can see why – because if you know his work, if you can remember it underneath the mess he’s accumulated, Shia undeniably carries a lot of charisma and charm, it explodes off the screen. Unfortunately, too often, that magnetism comes with a downside. Shia is trying to prove that that downside is behind him. FKA twigs is investing in that promise. It is… a risk. 

And there it is – it’s what celebrities and civilians have in common: the belief that risk is romantic. Who’s the asshole that started this? The motherf-cker who sold us all on the idea that risk is romantic and that safe is unsexy?  I’ve been there. And you’ve probably been there. And that lesson is steep one. Artists probably feel it harder than most. Which you might say is the ultimate cliché. What would be actually radical at this point is if we all made the choice to be with someone who’s actually GOOD for us. But then again, when we’re in it, we can’t always differentiate between good and bad. Love takes your eyes and gouges them out.