I want you to know that I wished for this. So you should thank me. It was this post, from back in August 2016. When the 22 Pushup Challenge was happening and Charlie Hunnam passed the challenge over to his friend Garrett Hedlund. And I made a wish, I wished for these two friends to hang out more often. And now they’re hanging out on a beach with their shirts off rolling around in the sand together. Again, YOU’RE WELCOME. 

Charlie and Garrett are prepping in Hawaii for a movie called Triple Frontier. These photos were taken last Thursday and they’ve been circulating online over the last few days. But, even though they’re a few days old, they have not decreased in value. Because they’re shirtless on a beach rolling around in the sand together, duh. I actually had to explain this to Jacek this morning when he asked me if I really wanted to spend our photo budget on these shots. “They’re so expensive”, he texted. “Is this necessary? And why?” 

My response: two hot guys rolling around on the beach. The end. 

When we get audited one day and the accountant asks for an explanation for this expense, this will be the answer that will be provided, along with a link to this post, and maybe a few support emails from some of you to confirm that, yes indeed, there was a business case for the purchase of these photos. 

Please note – Oscar Isaac is there with them. So we have a trio of the internet’s boyfriends ON A BEACH ROLLING AROUND IN THE SAND. Oscar, in the pictures we bought, is shirtless too. There are solo shirtless ones of him available… but I’ve run out of money and I prioritised Charlie and Garrett and Ben Affleck (who’s coming up in the next post). I’m sorry about that but the lesson here is that we all have to work within a budget, OK? Besides, I like Oscar better with his clothes on, in a suit. He can easily out-suit Charlie and Garrett. You can see those Oscar pictures here. He and Garrett are hugging (with their shirts on). 

Now, let’s talk about whether or not Garrett should consider trimming down his chest hair. I would recommend it but I’m not a girl who’s into the chest hair. Duana, who likes her men all mountain-ish and lumberjacky would probably vote to keep the hair. You?