Here’s what happens every week behind the scenes when we record Show Your Work: Duana and Jacek speak passive aggressively to each other about the positioning of her microphone. He tells her that it’ll work best like this, she tries to adjust it herself, he doesn’t want her to adjust it, she insists that it’s better the way she wants it. This, meanwhile, is me:


Last night though, something changed. Last night there was no fighting. Because Duana arrived injured and needed to do the entire podcast lying down on her back. Which Jacek was only too happy to oblige because the microphone has an adjustable arm that accommodated her request. Nothing gives Jacek more pleasure than showing off the versatility of one of his toys. And nothing gives Duana more pleasure than finding a way to MacGyver a work problem. So, while you’re listening, can you hear a difference?

This week, by request, we’re putting Angelina Jolie up top. As you know, there’s been a lot of fallout from her interview with Vanity Fair and whether or not she emotionally manipulated Cambodian children for the sake of her film, First They Killed My Father. This weekend, Angelina released a statement to Huffington Post, saying that Vanity Fair misrepresented the situation, insisting that she would never have taken advantage of vulnerable children. We discuss whether or not Angelina Jolie, who’s always had a masterful media game, stumbled this time out, which happens to be the first time she’s navigating a press tour for a film without being half of Brange.

Also by request this week, a question from a reader called Eshna about child stars and Hollywood momagers. In light of Justin Bieber’s recent drama, how does the management of JB’s career compare to, say, Justin Timberlake’s? And Britney’s? And Beyonce’s? Keri Russell comes up too. As does Alyssa Milano. We also shout out the Bad With Money podcast.

Next, a conversation about Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s new show in development turns into a celebration of daytime TV and why it’s been underappreciated – but first, Duana gets about as direct as she can about her thoughts on Jennifer Aniston’s career.

Finally… Do We Need To Care About …the throwdown on Broadway? And can you believe Duana isn’t familiar with one of the most famous quotes from The Princess Bride?

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