The Game of Thrones is full of terrors – only you can’t see them because “The Long Night” was so dark. I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints about how the episode was lit and here’s the article that Duana and I are referring to during our discussion this week on the podcast about the work and the tech that goes into filming – and how our own tech is what’s affecting the whole experience. We also talk about how that might affect the actors. They trained and rehearsed (and froze) for weeks to bring this 82-minute episode to life. Was their work even seen? 

Of course we also get into what we wanted to see in “The Long Night”, the impact that the light, or lack of it, had on the moments and the expressions that we were stressing through and anticipating. Like… is it just us or when Jorah rode back after being on the frontlines with the Dothraki, did you at first think he was a zombie too?! 

From the chaos of the Battle of Winterfell to Chaos Walking – this is the film adaptation of Patrick Ness’s book of the same name starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland, directed by Doug Liman that wrapped in 2017 but has been in reshoots because the initial cut was “unreleasable”. How is a movie starring those two “unreleasable”? Sounds like they’re having a lot of story problems. But also… read that article, the way they refer to Doug Liman’s directing style. That’s a kind of chaos too. Who else would be allowed to run a set like that? And who wouldn’t? And why does this situation seem to be underreported in the trades? 

Finally, last week I interviewed Sandra Oh – it was the interview of my career. Duana and I unpack the “tai chi” behind my interview prep, when to “release” during an interview, and, obviously, why Sandra Oh is SO F-CKING GOOD at being interviewed. Parts of the interview have been airing on etalk all week and Joanna’s producing the half hour special on Sandra, the interview in its entirety, to air on Bravo later this month. If you haven’t seen this yet though, here’s how the interview ends. 


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