Sienna Miller has accepted a “substantial settlement” from Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers after claiming that one of their publications, the Sun, hacked her phone and intercepted voice messages about her pregnancy in 2005. Sienna flew from LA to London and made a statement about the situation today. I’ve included video below. But this, in part, is what she said: 

“It was not my choice to be standing here; I wanted to go to trial. I wanted to expose the criminality that runs through the heart of this corporation. A criminality demonstrated clearly and irrevocably by the evidence which I have seen. I wanted to share News Group’s secrets just as they have shared mine.


“Unfortunately that legal recourse is not available to me or to anyone who does not have countless millions of pounds to spend on the pursuit of justice. Such is our world. Until someone comes along who can confront the Murdochs’ endless means, all that I have left are these words. And they are the truth.”

According to Sienna, this settlement is a vindication, “tantamount” to a confession, which the Sun disputes. You’ll recall, the now-defunct News of the World was embroiled in a major phone hacking scandal a decade ago that resulted in its demise, but News Group, which also owns the Sun, insists that there was no phone hacking or illegal activity of that sort at that publication and disputes Sienna’s interpretation of the settlement. As if. 

As Sienna says, she wanted to take this to trial, she wanted to expose their f-cksh-t, but they have limitless financial resources and she cannot afford to spend that much money. Several other celebrities, including Sean Bean, have also accepted settlements. 


But you’ll note, of course, there hasn’t been much coverage about this, especially in the UK, and certainly not at the outlets that attract the most eyeballs, like the Daily Mail and the Sun. According to the Guardian, via Deadline they were “forced into hiring a lawyer to successfully challenge News Group’s attempts to stop journalists reporting on the arguments over what could be included in the public settlements of the …phone-hacking victims this week.” 

So, basically, they pulled some dirty ass sh-t, they’re paying for the dirty as sh-t they pulled, but they want to cover it up so that…they can keep pulling this dirty ass sh-t?

Remember, Prince Harry is suing the Sun too for allegedly phone-hacking him. And the Sun is one of the publications that, over the last several years, has repeatedly targeted him and Meghan Markle with their biased, nasty coverage. This coverage has shaped so much public opinion about Harry and Meghan in particular – from the tiara, to her relationship with her father, to their relationship with the Cambridges, to whether or not she’s demanding, so much of the negativity around Meghan Markle, the racist attacks against her, has either originated or been fueled by papers like the Sun, a publication that was accused by and now has settled with Sienna Miller for obtaining information on her via illegal means. 


Again, this is an outlet that has had a hand in shaping our thoughts on celebrities and royals. And this is how they operate – with an agenda, not just in how they have allegedly obtained information but also how they’ve concealed it, as we see in this case, with News Group trying to bury this settlement situation. Which is extra rich, considering how loudly they scream, when it suits them, about what should and shouldn’t be reported.