Simu Liu and Allison Hsu publicly confirmed their relationship not even a month ago at the premiere of Violent Night when they wore matching holiday sweaters on the carpet. Prior to that, Simu revealed back in September that he’d broken up with Jade Bender. But now it sounds like he and Allison are pretty serious. 


They were on holiday together recently in Anguilla – here’s what he posted on Instagram: 

“You are simply breathtaking” on IG is tantamount to a confession of love. Simu has fallen, HARD. 


Allison was with him this past weekend at the 20th annual Unforgettable Gala honouring AAPI achievements in entertainment. Another sign of seriousness: he told PEOPLE on the carpet that he and Allison will be together for the holidays…which means family. 

"Yeah, doing the whole family thing and meeting the parents thing, which no matter who you are and where you come from or anything like that, is a stressful time.”

That’s a pretty quick timeline from a breakup at the end of September to meeting your new girlfriend’s parents in December – like I said, Simu is in deep. And it looks good on him, on both of them. They’re adorable together. 

On the professional side, Simu recently appeared in the new Barbie trailer and he joked about it on Instagram – the last slide is pretty funny: 


As Simu said earlier this year, one of the reasons Greta Gerwig cast him in the movie was because she found out he used to be part of a competitive hip-hop dance crew in university. He shared some of those moves a couple of months ago: 

Just as it is with Marvel, Simu hasn’t been able to say much about Barbie and what exactly the movie will be, but we already got a sense of it in the teaser – which is why everyone is so hype. For him, though, to be showcased in a film of this magnitude, and potentially this much social impact, it’s not just an opportunity, yet again, to flex his range (acting, dancing, hosting, writing, martial arts, and more) but to illuminate that an Asian performer can indeed do all those things. And show up on a gossip blog in a post about his love life.