Will and Jaden Smith are back in New York City after their family vacation in Italy. Jada, Willow and Will's son Trey were also present for the Italian fam jam. If you weren't following the Smith family vacation on Instagram, you missed out on hilarity like this:


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“You need to delete that Instagram, it’s taking over your life.” Jada is being Peak Mom in this clip and I’m obsessed but the best part is Willow, just trying to nap and enjoy the view, while her Dad acts a fool. I could watch their family dynamic all day.  

The last time I wrote about Will Smith's Instagram skills, I came up with a sitcom idea called Kids Just Don't Understand and my pitch went like this:

Will just does everything he’s doing on Instagram while his kids, played by Willow and Jaden, obviously, cower in humiliation. 

We don't need the sitcom because this is exactly what is happening on Will's social media and it's AMAZING. Not a single person in Will's family has time for his constant posting. I wonder how they feel about the fact that Will must have a full team with him to shoot and edit these videos. I produce television for a living so I’m usually unconsciously counting how many cameras are in the room whenever I watch anything. For example: There’s no less than four cameras in a room on every date on the Bachelorette. Romantic. For Will’s videos, I would guess two at least, plus selfie videos from Will’s phone. Then there’s the editing. This video of the family going scuba diving is a masterclass in editing for digital.


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“My dad’s crazy.” That’s exactly what the writer’s room of Kids Just Don't Understand would have come up with for Jaden to say. 

Even Questlove of The Roots is impressed with the production value of Will’s posts.


Will Smith is showing his work on his IG. Sure, other popular Instagram accounts include heavily-produced videos but usually on celebrity accounts, they don’t want to show us that they care this much. Will Smith CARES about his Instagram and it’s paying off. Not only is he reminding us how funny he is, he’s showing off the personality of his family members. The Smiths are the First Family of Instagram. I want MORE. 

I’ll leave you with Jaden Smith’s hysterical parody of the scuba diving video. After Earth should have just been two hours of this.