Will Smith's Instagram brings me so much joy. I am not alone in this. Lainey wrote about the joy Will's Instagram brings to her life last month. It is not a secret that Will Smith is GREAT at Instagram. Three days ago, Refinery29 called his posts “Peak Dad Content.” They also highlight Will’s new YouTube account which is basically Peak Self Help Content. Will Smith is going to change my life. I am ready.  

It dawned on me last night, while I was watching Will be great while learning how to salsa dance with Marc Anthony… 


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… and right after my brother Sam called me specifically to talk about Will Smith's Instagram, that Will's social media skills could open up a whole new chapter of his career. 

Hear me out. Will Smith's career has become somewhat of a punchline lately. Bright did very well for Netflix but the quality of the movie – or lack thereof— became a joke. He’s never really recovered from the atrocity that was After Earth. Since then, he’s stuck to the action/thriller/drama genres and aside from the maybe-happening Bad Boys 4 (which is still an action movie but with lots of comedy) and voicing the Genie in Guy Richie’s Aladdin, he’s mainly got more action/thriller/dramas on the docket. 

Will Smith’s Instagram is so great because it’s hilarious. It’s intentionally hilarious, unlike his recent music. Will Smith is really f-cking funny. Sam called me to tell me he cried laughing for five minutes at the below video of Will trying Australian meat pies. 


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Did we forget how funny Will Smith is? Of course he’s funny. He’s the Fresh Prince. So, why isn’t Will Smith in more comedies? I get that he’s an Academy Award nominated actor who is capable of serious sh-t but I think that ship sailed with Suicide Squad. Will Smith clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously so why aren’t we seeing that on screen? Will and Kevin Hart have hilariously been going back and forth on Insta about their Spanish skills and now I’m obsessed with them being in a buddy comedy together. No disrespect to Martin Lawrence. 
Another reason I think I’m so into Will’s Instagram is that we’re literally watching the ways in which Will has become the parent in Parents Just Don't Understand. Did I just come up with a new hit sitcom? It’s called Kids Just Don't Understand and Will just does everything he’s doing on Instagram while his kids, played by Willow and Jaden, obviously, cower in humiliation. I just gave that idea away for free. You’re welcome, television studio executives. 

Here's Will on The Tonight Show last week.