I have a confession to make: I have never been a marvel comic movie fanatic! I watched Iron Man, the first one, but since then I’ve paid zero attention to all the other movies that have followed. So with the release of the most anticipated Marvel movie upon us, I figured it was time I changed that. I’ve done my homework, I’ve caught myself up and I’m ready! Bring on Black Panther!

With all of my superhero movie binge watching I’ve done recently I’ve been inspired to create a superhero workout to get you all ready too! This workout is a high intensity, body weight workout that will transform your body into whatever superhero you like. (Ok, that’s a bit of an overpromise but it will make you sweat, big time.) This is a fairly advanced workout so if you’re new to exercise or you’ve never done movements similar to this I suggest you skip this one or take it slow.

Hulk Box Jumps
From what I gather The Hulk is really good at running through walls and jumping. To be like Hulk start with your feet hip distance apart and soft knees. Squat down then explode up landing on the box back in a squat position (knees MUST stay behind your toes) then jump off, landing back into a squat before jumping as quickly as possible back onto the box. Repeat for 1 minute.

Black Widow Knee Lifts
Her abs look super tight under that leather suit. Start on all fours, toes tucked, hips over knees and shoulders over your hands. Take a breath in, then as you exhale draw your low abs in tight and float your knees off the floor. Use your abs to lift your knees! Hold for 1 breath, lower and repeat.

Single Leg Hulk Jumps
This is exactly the same as Hulk Jumps except you’re going to jump off of one foot and land on the box on two feet, then jump off landing on one foot again. You may need a lower box for this. Do on side for 30 seconds then repeat on the other for 30 seconds.

Spider-Man Crawls
You need to be quick and agile to be Spider-Man. Begin in your Black Widow stance but now you will step your right hand, left leg forward, then your left hand right leg, crawling forward for 3 steps like Spider-Man. You’ll crawl forward 3 steps and back 3 steps, repeating for 60 seconds.

Single Leg Hulk Jumps
Repeat another set of the box jumps, starting with the opposite leg this time.

Advanced Spider-Man Crawls
Do as you were doing with the first set except when you finish 3 steps, bring your right foot in front of your right hand before stepping back. Repeat for one minute, always stepping the right foot forward.

Captain America Box Hop-Over
Captain America always seems, to me, like he’s jumping and reaching for his shield. Start with your left foot on the box, right foot on the floor then jump over, reaching your body and arms as high as possible before landing low with your right foot on the box and left leg on the floor.

Advanced Spider-Man Crawls
Same as before except this time you’ll always step your left leg forward

Ant-Man Straddle Hops
I’ll be honest here - I really don’t get Ant-Man but I figure since he’s small he’s going to need some hops so I came up with this. Straddle a box, in a squat, then jump both feet onto the box before quickly jumping back down into a squat. Keep your knees soft and back flat throughout the set. Repeat for 60 seconds.

Black Panther kicks
OK. Now we are down to the good stuff. Like the rest of you I’ve only seen a bit of the Black Panther in the most recent movie but from what I gather he is quick, agile and a force to be reckoned with. Get back down into your Black Widow position but this time rotate your hips and torso as you lift your left leg and kick it under you to the right. Return back to your starting position then repeat on the other side, for a total of 60 seconds.

Ant-Man Burpees
Place your hands on the box, jump your legs back so you’re in a high plank position then jump your feet back in, exploding up and reaching for the sky.

Black Panther Kick and Reach
Adding onto the kicks, once you’ve extended your right leg, flip your body and reach your left arm back straight. Keep your leg reaching while you place your left hand onto the floor then dynamically hop your right leg back. Repeat on the other side and continue this for 60 seconds.

Ant-Man Straddle Hop Burpees
Here you are going to combine the straddle hops and the burpees into one move. Start with a straddle jump, and then add in a burpee at the end. Alternate between the burpees and the hops for 60 seconds.

Dynamic Black Panther Kicks
Start the same as before, reach your right leg to the left then explode right into your left leg kicking to the right, with a reach back of your right hand. Kick your right leg back out and then your left again with the arm reach. Repeat 30 seconds on one side then 30 on the other.

I promise this workout will leave you sweating and ready to take on any super hero challenge you’re going to face in your day.