Diddy wasn’t the only one dancing on IG live this weekend. As mentioned last week, Rihanna hosted a virtual party to promote Fenty on Friday night (while making multiple million dollar donations in support of those affected by COVID-19). Social media freaked out seeing her coordinate choreography with Lil Uzi Vert:  


She is so cute, I love her so much. And I’m happy to see that she has her best friends around her during lockdown. She’d be at the top of my wish list for celebrities to be quarantined with.  

But Rihanna, as cute as she is, isn’t just cute. Especially when she can’t with the Navy incessantly pestering her about the album. Which, by the way, is also why the Navy is so loyal – they know that when she’s had enough of the sh-t, she will cuss them out for it. Now is not the time. She is busy! Social media freaked all the way out again over this:  


"If one of y’all motherf--kers asks me about the album one more time when I’m trying to save the world, unlike y’all president... on sight.”  


And she can. She absolutely can. Because Rihanna has been pulling up. Rihanna is showing up. Rihanna is out here giving and distributing and giving some more. So, again, stop riding her about the album. Let her save us! And then, after, she can save us again with the music!