Elusive, A-list and intensely cool nepo baby Sofia Coppola has joined Instagram. She is very private so this is a big deal and so far, it’s been all about the work. That work is fascinating, at least to me, because I was obsessed with Elvis & Me when I was a teenager. I know many of us were and then the movie, which came out in 1988 (I was 11 and probably had no business watching it but having parents with no pop culture knowledge can really pay off sometimes). 


I cannot wait to see Sofia’s interpretation of this story – Priscilla’s youth, Elvis’s mommy issues and fame, the Colonel’s power. (For those interested in pens, it’s a Pilot V Sign.)


Michael Consuelos (son of Kelly Ripa and Mark) is starring in Lifetime’s Let’s Get Physical alongside Jenna Dewan. He said he was offered the part and took it because he’s starting out, but his parents are hands-off because they aren’t “momagers.” Um, they are the executive producers. That’s a step up from momagers. They skipped the managing and went right to casting. 


If anyone has read Heartburn by Nora Ephron, you know how much power a family recipe can hold in a marriage. (In the fictional story that mirrored Nora Ephron’s split from Carl Bernstein, the wife being cheated on swears to withhold her secret vinaigrette recipe from her husband so he would not leave her for another woman.) And thanks to the sleuths on Twitter, we may have found Olivia’s version on the Food Network website – this is her recipe for roasted salmon salad with zucchini and potatoes.


Lainey covered the James Corden egg yolk omelet restaurant fiasco this morning and as she said, it’s no secret that “real life” James doesn’t match up to his talk show persona. One thing I’ve always wondered about people like him and Ellen is, why not just be acerbic? People love a curmudgeon (like Larry David, who is a bona fide asshole). Another thing James and Ellen have in common is that they both have a lot of celebrity friends like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox (Ellen) and Adele and Harry Styles (James). Which personality are the celebrities getting? The prickly version? And if so, that has to be part of the charm right? Like Ellen is not at Jennifer Aniston’s Sunday dinner telling Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman to be kind.

Since everyone is talking about salads, this is a great opportunity to watch Kathryn Hahn recite a Greek salad recipe while using a tiny microphone. The way she says “honey” – this woman damn charming.


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