Prince William is still getting sh-t for not supporting the Lionesses in person at the World Cup. Some people are now asking what the point of the British monarchy is if they’re not showing up at events like this with zero controversy. Like if they’re supposed to avoid politics and social issues, and be symbols and/or figureheads for England, the World Cup is literally the kind of appointment on the schedule that checks all their boxes. Wonder what kind of distraction the royal institution will throw up next to get William out of his latest round of bad press. (Cele|bitchy) 


The Fug Girls are lukewarm on Burberry’s new direction and I totally get why some people are underwhelmed, considering the decline of the brand over the last few years. But that’s also why they brought in Daniel Lee for the revival and for me, personally, I’m so into it. I’ve worn a few Burberry pieces from our style pulls for ETALK lately and I love the cuts and the lengths of this era. So this new resort collection? It’s totally my energy. The green dress (third look in the gallery) is a dream – how the dress falls, the slouchiness of it, the blurred pattern – this is how I want to live this fall. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Lauri Carleton was the owner of a clothing store called Mag.Pi in Cedar Glen, California. She was a creative, she was an entrepreneur, she was an advocate. She flew a Pride flag outside her shop. And because of this, she was killed last week. We all know that members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community are increasingly vulnerable to violence – and the people who are perpetuating this kind of hate are also now targeting allies. It’s not just happening in America, we are also experiencing this here in Canada as the campaign of misinformation and disinformation continues to spread. So let’s continue to champion love and acceptance and inclusion. “Mourn Lauri Carleson for all she gave to her community and fight for the better world we’re capable of where queer people and those that love them can live in peace.” (Pajiba) 


As Maria mentioned yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, there was a TikTok that went viral because the woman was strategising about how to prevent her husband from watching it. Movies and television are becoming more and more sexless – the people in the movies and on television are sexy… but their characters aren’t having sex. Which, in my opinion, could become a problem because, when it’s done safely and responsibly and respectfully for the actors involved, movies and television do sex better than porn. The love scenes in Normal People? That’s where people should be learning their sex skills from – and not porn! A whole generation could be having better sex from the tips they can pick up watching Normal People rather than porn. Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk about younger people having less sex. And over the last few years there’s been a lot of talk about younger people having bad sex. How can the two not be related?! (The Mary Sue) 


I just need to show you my favourite thing on TikTok right now because it involves two of my favourites: BTS and NewJeans. Also my favourite NewJeans song which is “Hype Boy”. V joined the girls for the choreo – and he LOOKS great doing their choreo. So smooth, so much swag, so much cute. It’s been viewed 26 million times and I think I’m responsible for at least half of that, I’ve watched it a LOT. 


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