How is it already March? The first two months of this year have been a total blur. I don’t remember any of it. All I know is that time seems to be flying by…but we probably still have to wait a year before the return of Game Of Thrones. They’re still shooting. And then they’ll spend months in post. And HBO has already confirmed that the series finale will be premiering some time in 2019. Most likely April, then. So 13 months to go. That feels a long ways away. Just think, we still have to get through another Oscars before Game Of Thrones comes back. 

This week, several members of the cast along with showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss were seen at a pub in Belfast together. 

From bottom clockwise: that’s Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson), Emilia Clarke, David Benioff, Kit Harington, Dan Weiss, and Peter Dinklage. Between Dan Weiss and Peter Dinklage is someone who does not want to be in the shot. People are speculating that that’s Lena Headey and she’s ducking out because spoiler. Why is Cersei in the North? And if we’re in the North, where’s Sansa? 

Sansa is in Paris. 

Sophie Turner’s been repping Louis Vuitton for over a year now and she was there for LV’s Fall/Winter 2018 presentation in a gorgeous red leather shirt dress. But it’s not just Paris Fashion Week – Sophie’s been AROUND. She was seen a lot in New York in January and February. Now she’s in Paris. So…

When is she ever in Belfast? And if she’s not in Belfast… 

Why isn’t Sansa in Belfast? Does that mean something’s going on with Sansa? 

To be fair, Sophie and Maisie Williams were in Belfast last fall. So it’s possible that many of their scenes were completed then and they may not be shooting episodes chronologically and Maisie wasn’t at the pub either and Sophie’s more of a heatscore for the paps and my point is it that nothing has to mean anything. It’s just all we have since we still have to wait for so long before we find out.