Stephanie has been posting a lot about matrescence these last few months and it happened to be in relation to three women, Keke Palmer, Ciara, and Maren Morris, who either recently or a few years back had left their romantic partners (and the fathers of their first child) and went on to bigger and better – which coincided with matrescence or the emergence from matrescence. 


I am not a mother so I’m still new to the concept, but that’s also not surprising because women’s issues and experiences, physical, mental, and emotional, have historically been under-prioritised by the medical community. But how can there be any doubt that becoming a mother has a monumental influence on a woman? Your body literally grows a human for nine months and then goes through the labour, literally, of delivering it, and then you’re like, wait, now I’m responsible for keeping this child alive and caring for them and worrying about them …for the rest of my life! It’s a mindf-ck! 


And different women process the experience differently. But there is an ongoing and much louder dialogue now among women about what a superpower this transition can be – it’s an actual revolution of self. In some cases, not all, but some, matrescence then is an amplification of strength and confidence. Because, for some, not all, the fact that you did all that awakens you to the knowledge that YOU CAN DO ALL THAT. 


#matrescence #newmom #newmum #confidence disclaimer: this is not to trigger those who are not mums yet or who’s pregnancies did not come to term ❤️

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Which brings us to Sophie Turner. Like Keke, Ciara, and Maren before her, Sophie is in transition. She’s had two children in four years, she’s navigating a divorce which means she’s advocating for herself and the life she is building with her children as a single mother. Going by what we’ve seen from her, she looks like she’s doing OK, maybe even better than OK. So matrescence might apply to her too.

Sophie was in Paris last weekend to unveil the Rugby World Cup trophy. While in Paris the paps also photographed someone who looks very much like her kissing in the street with Peregrine Pearson, a British aristocrat. Apparently he’s the heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray of something something Cowdray Park West Sussex? These people and their titles, LOL. And their poncy ass names!


Anyway, Peregrine – who apparently goes by Perry – recently broke up with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark; she is King Charles’s goddaughter. Yeah, sure, but Sophie Turner? She’s the Queen of the North. And her kingdom is under the protection of the Master of Eras, Taylor Swift. In these times, pop culture royalty > old dusty Eurocrats. Perry, then, should consider himself fortunate. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Sophie, as we’ve just discussed, is coming into her own new era. And during this stage, she might stop by and visit for a bit, but she’s also going to keep it moving. She and Joe Jonas have established a two week on-off custody arrangement. Their daughters have been with him since October 21. They’re coming back to her this weekend. If a sexy Parisian minibreak is how she wants to spend her off weeks with some dude with eight proper nouns in his name from a family with claims to some land and a sigil, great. And if he sticks around, great too. But if he doesn’t stick around, I can’t wait to use this line: 

"Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear."

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