Like so many other celebrities, David and Victoria Beckham have been seen on yacht holiday in the South of France this week. Seems like they’ve been on holiday for weeks. Anyway, here are some cute shots of David carrying Victoria in his arms the other day and also hanging out with Gigi Hadid. 


Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven have joined their parents at various points on this trip but Brooklyn has not been seen… 

Maria’s mentioned this a couple of times in Celebrity Social Media recently– and the speculation is getting louder about whether or not Victoria and Brooklyn’s wife, Nicole Peltz, are beefing because they haven’t interacted on Instagram for at least a couple of months. Neither one has liked the others posts, including posts about Father’s Day and even H7’s birthday. And it’s not like it’s always been like this. There was a time when both were really supportive and fangirly over each other on IG so the lack of activity is …well… it’s notable. 

This is coming off the gossip from Brooklyn and Nicola’s wedding, where apparently Nicola’s family was seated at the head table but not the Beckhams and there were rumours that the Beckhams felt left out of the whole process. Also Nicola’s parents have been seen with her and Brooklyn on holiday this summer but, as mentioned above, Brooklyn hasn’t spent any time in months with his family. And Nicola just posted about her family, in honour of her grandmother, and Brooklyn is there along with several other relatives highlighting even more that they aren’t really around the Beckhams all that much right now? 


So… in-law drama? Is that what’s happening here? 

Or is it mother of sons drama? I admit, that’s my lens because I’ve had some …interesting… experiences with the mothers of the men I’ve dated which is why I have a thing about mothers of sons. One guy broke up with me VIA HIS MOTHER. That is exactly what it sounds like. SHE was the one who told me that he couldn’t be with me anymore. I’ve had a mother of a guy I was with tell me that he would never feel about me the way he felt about her which… well… yeah, I f-cking hope not. Another mother got mad at her son because he told me something about himself before he told her and then a couple of weeks after that made me talk to her for two hours during which she basically got me to give her a play-by-play of how we met and what our dates were like and how it felt to be in a relationship with him. Weird AF. 


All of this is why – and I know it’s not fair to generalise – I have this impression of certain mothers of sons, and what I perceive is their need to remain the most important woman in their sons’ lives forever and ever. To those of you who have sons and are about to tell me you are not like that, I love that for you, and I’m sure you’re not. I’m just saying in my personal experience, this is what I’ve observed. 

To go back to Victoria, none of us would know right now if that’s who she is, and she probably isn’t, because she does seem really supportive of all her kids and their companions. But something is going down between the Beckhams and the Peltzes. And they must know at this point that people are noticing.