It wasn’t much of a surprise. Which is why it’s not really breaking the internet even though I read some hilarious headlines yesterday that the announcement would probably break the internet. No announcement breaks the internet when the announcement is preceded by an announcement announcing that there will be an announcement. 

Anyway, this was the announcement:

Which was already reported in The Sun. And we already knew that they’d be on Jonathan Ross this week so, again, that whole surprise factor…gone. If that was strategy all along, well, I’m not all that excited about the marketing so far. But then again, they’re already working with a challenge which is, obviously, that this is not a full Spice situation. Victoria Beckham, Posh, is not part of this…although she wishes them well:


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This is not a surprise. She’s been saying almost all year that she’s not going on tour, that she’s moved beyond the Spice Girls. And, of course, we saw Mel B’s Halloween costume last week. My comparison last week was Victoria and Kim Cattrall. Kim didn’t have to do the third Sex & the City movie. And Victoria doesn’t have to do the Spice reunion. She really doesn’t. Like of all the Spices, she’s got the most going on outside of Spice, non? She’s the one who’s moved the furthest past it. She build an entire brand beyond it. 

And… word is…she’ll still be getting paid for it even though she won’t be part of it, because of the expected revenue generated by this tour, sales of their past albums etc, since she has a stake in that, it means she’ll keep earning. 

The question is – how much do you care? Like are you into a Spice reunion with four Spices instead of Five? Are you into a Spice World without Posh? The thing is, it’s not like it’s never happened. Remember, Geri took off at one point leaving four to go on without her. And, well, the one who’s not going on this tour is the one who…well…is the weakest vocalist. Which she would probably admit to. So…

Are you going? Are you getting your tickets? Do you have your tickets already?