This Is Us is back for its second season tonight. I love This Is Us. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I’m a crier. Crying during This Is Us on Tuesday nights is one of my fave pastimes. But by the end of last season, it felt a little forced, like the writer’s room was digging for a BIG CRY every episode. I mean, it absolutely worked but with every tear, I felt more and more manipulated.

Duana and Maria have written great posts about the flaws of This Is Us if you want a refresher on all things the show is doing wrong before the premiere. Aside from the emotional manipulation, my biggest beef with This Is Us is that I don’t give an actual flying f-ck how Jack dies. Why is EVERY headline about this show about Jack’s death? This isn’t CSI: Pittsburgh. I. DO. NOT. CARE. This is a show about how complicated and messy families can be, it’s not about solving the cold case of Jack Pearson’s death.

You know what I do care about? Anything to do with Randall, the #blacklove realness with his wife, Beth, and every scene involving their nuclear family.

When Sterling K. Brown won his Emmy for the show, I noted that it’s HIS show. His presence elevates This Is Us from primetime soap to Emmy-worthy drama. It doesn’t hurt that he’s really, ridiculously attractive. Yeah, yeah, I know you came for the shirtless headline and you had to stay through my rant about This Is Us so without further ado, here’s Sterling K. Brown, riding a tractor while shirtless, on Ellen yesterday.

Sterling, you’re doing amazing, sweetie. I love how he checked his abs to see if they were all good to go before he took his shirt off. They were better than good. Also, as much as Milo Ventimiglia usually does it for me, I found him a little try-hard during this appearance. I guess you can’t blame a guy for trying hard when he has to try to be charming and handsome next to Sterling, who is currently cornering the market on Charming and Handsome.

The best bit of the Ellen appearance is when Ellen asks SKB to finish his Emmy acceptance speech because he was so RUDELY cut off on Emmy night. He is so gracious and adorable, I could watch this all day.

Attached - Sterling making the promotional rounds for This Is Us in New York yesterday.