What the Fug Girls are calling a “sweater bib” on Idina Menzel is what I just sent to our ETALK stylist with “!!!” as the subject of the message. Translation: I WANT! I don’t even think this is a whole set. This was a stylist pulling together different pieces with the “bib” as the focus of the fit. And it should be. This is a great way to make it fashion. (Go Fug Yourself) 


 “The Curious History of Kendall Jenner’s Very Private Dating Life” by Allie Jones. In comparison to her sisters, I guess it really is. (The Cut) 

Pamela Anderson is the person I associate most with a certain nude lip. You know the look – with the liner slightly darker. And of course the smoky eyes, the thin brows… we all know what the Pam face is, they’ve even created a filter for it. That was then, and the Pam of now is very light on makeup, if any. I love her face like this. (Pajiba) 

Prince William is the President of the Football Association. England’s women’s national team advanced to the World Cup final in Australia, and he is being criticised for not attending the match against Spain. Many excuses have been provided, including the environment. 


I buy the latest one though which is that William couldn’t go to Australia before his father as King Charles has not been there since his ascension. I agree that it’s a bad look for William to not have made the trip but I also buy that Charles would be petty about this and not want his heir to go to Australia and potentially be a story, especially if the Lionesses had won. Charles has already shown that he gets jealous over his sons’ positive press and is very sensitive when his children eclipse him. And if William was there, and the Lionesses were victorious, imagine the newspapers in England – front page, euphoria, youth and vitality…in sharp contrast to whatever dull ass mood Charles and Camilla keep giving. (Cele|bitchy) 

A major scandal rocking the Korean film industry as distributors are being accused of box office manipulation. (The Hollywood Reporter)