You know how Lainey has been all “I don’t know what days are” since she’s been on vacation in Japan? Well, I had a time-wimey moment looking at these new photos of Sydney Sweeney, already in Sydney, Australia to film pick ups for Anyone But You, her upcoming R-rated rom-com with Glen Powell. These photos are dated November 10, but they came up fresh on my feed on November 9, and it took me a moment to remember that Sydney, Australia is seventeen hours ahead of Chicago. This might be the time difference with Tokyo, too? Time is a construct.


Anyone But You is due out next month, but obviously, with the SAG-AFTRA strike only just now ending, this is literally as fast as they could get back to set to shoot whatever additional material they need to complete the film. I cannot even imagine the amount of jet lag happening in this photo, Sydney would have almost certainly had to leave Los Angeles for Australia as soon as the strike ended Thursday, America-time, to get to Oz and resume filming. Honestly, I often think the hardest part of being an actor is just pretending not to be tired all the time, what with all the insane travel.


Glen Powell also revealed via his Instagram stories that he is back in Australia, too.

Glen Powell's Instagram story 

I’m sure we’ll all be peeping their Instas for clues, but I am equally sure this will not be a repeat of earlier this year. I just get the feeling Sydney Sweeney doesn’t want the headache that comes with a high-profile affair. Women are always punished more in those scenarios.