Lainey initially wondered if Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell would have the chemistry to carry a big screen rom-com or if they’re just two names that sound great on paper. Fast forward a month and now we know they may have too much chemistry. 


Pictures from their time together on and off set in Australia have fans speculating whether Glen may be cheating on his girlfriend and Sydney might be unfaithful to her fiancé. They just finished production on the movie this weekend and although the wrap party pics are some of the most platonic and professional looking snaps they’ve taken in the past month, this video of Sydney doing some sort of trust fall in Glen’s lap just arrived.


The giggling, the smiles, the body contact… the music in the background?! It might as well be a scene from the movie. I know the person recording them must really be feeling the third wheel vibes. And something about her unwarranted faith in that dress (or her willingness to risk a wardrobe malfunction) says she was totally swept up in the moment. 

That chemistry is convincing the internet that just like how Top Gun saved movie theatres, this five second video is a sign that nature is healing.   


And my personal favourite:


But while the video, posted to Twitter by a Sweeney fansite, crept past three million views yesterday, Glen’s girlfriend, Gigi Paris, posted a screenshot of her listening to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Hard to misinterpret that message. She still has pictures of him on her page, so maybe she believes he’s been faithful but finds his relationship with Sydney to be disrespectful?  


But just because this isn’t for the movie doesn’t mean it isn’t for the cameras. Sydney and Glen might just be friends who have agreed to lay a solid foundation for a fun and flirty press run, which is the only proper way to sell a rom-com. There’s nothing about Reese and Ashton social-distancing during every photo-op that made me want to watch whatever their movie was called. Oscar Isaac kissing Jessica Chastain’s arm on the red carpet in slow motion is the gold standard. Sell me the fantasy. I want something hot.