Rhetorical question, the answer is “no”. Taika Waititi was also at the Avengers: Endgame premiere, in a lilac suit. He is in second place for my favorite suit of the night. I love this shade of lilac, he looks as good as ever, and would you believe it, he actually admits dudes wear makeup on the red carpet. It is often very obvious dudes are wearing makeup, but none of them cop to it. Kayleigh Donaldson and I just talked about this on our podcast, and it’s one of the worst-kept red carpet beauty secrets. But here is Taika, acknowledging he’s got a good makeup artist. 


Taika Waititi is the superior Marvel bae, don’t @ me (as Kathleen says). The question is, does he stay in the Marvel family? According to Tessa Thompson, a pitch for Thor 4 “has happened”, and Taika “would come back”. I’ve heard some lowkey scuttlebutt there is interest in Taika coming back for more Thor, but I haven’t heard anything that sounds like an actual plan. Mostly just “we love Taika, everyone loves Ragnarok, that movie made a ton of money, of course we’d love to have him back”. I have sort of a hard time picturing him going full-franchise, but then, I didn’t think Ryan Coogler would return for Black Panther 2, because he had never been interested in sequels before. But Coogler is returning to direct that movie, so maybe, yeah, Taika could come back for more Thor.

If he does come back for more Thor, could it be our Thor/Carol cross-over? Thor, Carol, AND Valkyrie: Power trio super cross-over. The internet is as into Carol and Valkyrie as it is Carol and Thor. And let’s not make it a competition, let’s have a pansexual space adventure for all time. Marvel says it’s time for a gay superhero, so let’s actually do that, and not just talk about how “it’s time” and “would be so great” and then somehow we never actually do the thing, we just keep talking about it. Do the thing, Marvel! Give us a polyamorous space trinity and let Taika direct it. 

Speaking of Taika, here he is, having The Most Fun: