Taika Waititi is a busy man. Jojo Rabbit is about to hit the fall festival circuit, he’s got acting and directing duties for The Mandalorian bearing fruit this fall, he’s returning to Marvel for more Thor, but before that, he’ll direct a movie about the American Samoan soccer team. And now, on top of all that, he will also be appearing in James Gunn’s reboot of Suicide Squad— it’s technically “Suicide Squad 2”, but everyone knows this is a reboot, right? This a do-over, and Gunn is, theoretically, making the Squad movie Warner Brothers/DC Films wanted all along. Some of the original cast is returning, including Margot Robbie and Viola Davis, but Gunn has also been adding new people, creating a new squad, and his latest acquisition is Taika. 

There’s no word on who he is playing, but I bet the role isn’t big. He has a LOT to do. Thor: Love and Thunder has to roll next year—Marvel only moves release dates when it suits THEM, not filmmakers. Remember the Ant-Man fiasco? Edgar Wright quit mere weeks before shooting and that movie went on without missing a beat. Marvel waits for no man. Love and Thunder is slated for November 2021, which means it needs to go into production about a year from now. That’s plenty of time, right?! Well, he has to write the thing, too.

And he’ll lose a few weeks this fall to the Jojo Rabbit press tour, and whatever duties are pending for The Mandalorian. And then there is whatever time his soccer movie takes. Presumably, it will film for only a few weeks, but there’s still pre-production (they’re casting now), editing, and post-production. And during that, is pre-production on Thor. All this is why I assume his role in The Suicide Squad isn’t big. He doesn’t have time to spend five months shooting a massive movie. Does he even have five days? I bet he will play a character like Adam Beach’s in the first movie: show up for one scene and immediately die.