I’m not apologizing for the exclamation points because Parasite won Best Picture and my heart is still light with joy this is the energy I am taking into 2020! But I have to tell you I am more than a little disappointed that Taika Waititi wore a plain tuxedo to the Oscars! I was really hoping for some color or a cool pattern, but all we got was this plain Dior tux! It was a letdown! But then he won Best Adapted Screenplay, which kind of sucks because Greta Gerwig was right there, but also kind of good because Taika won an Oscar! Taika is now the first indigenous artist to win an Oscar in that category! Which he then shoved under a seat like it was a bulky purse! And Brie Larson captured the moment because she knows what the people want!

Taika also gave a shout to the indigenous people of Southern California, on whose lands the Dolby Theater sits! I know y’all in Canada have been doing this for ages but it’s the first time I’ve heard it from an American stage! It is especially cool because Wes Studi won an honorary Oscar, becoming the first American Indian to be honored this way, and that is some Parasite Best Picture energy! But the Academy cut the segment from the broadcast that allows the honorees to speak on stage, so their first Indigenous winner was silenced! Not a good look when they’re still eating sh-t over diversity! Embracing Parasite is wonderful, but it doesn’t cure every ill! There is still work to be done! Now that Parasite and Taika have won Oscars, we know they are capable of change! It is time to expect more from this Academy!