The big news in Taylor Swift right now is that she just added new dates to The Eras tour. In addition to the six shows she’s playing in Toronto in November 2024, she will now play three more in Vancouver the following month, which means, at least for now, she’ll still be concluding The Eras tour in Canada. I wonder though if there’s still a chance for additional stops. Maybe one more stop to end next year. 


Taylor’s birthday is December 13. And in Canada she’ll be on the west coast. Do you think, maybe, she’ll wrap it all up in Los Angeles for a show on her birthday in 2024 which happens to fall on Friday the 13th? 

As big of a deal this is for Canadians, though, this wasn’t the Taylor news that people have been waiting for the last few days. And it’s also why I’ve held off on posting about them since Monday – because there were all those rumours about their Halloween costume, with Taylor flying to Kansas City to join Travis Kelce at his party. But we still don’t know what that looks like. 


Instead we’re getting all this reporting about how some of her friends, like Selena Gomez and the Haim sisters, feel about her relationship with Travis. Something something about it moving too fast. That was Page Six and while Page Six does get good scoops, I don’t buy this one. Not only because it doesn’t track that her squad wouldn’t be supportive of this rom-com that T&T have been serving but also because… most importantly… 

Neither Selena nor the Haim sisters would want to f-ck with Taylor like this! Why would they want any beef with Taylor? Why would they want that smoke?

And then there are all the stories out there about how Travis’s family is worried about all the media and fan attention on him now that Taylor Swift put him on the map. Not sure when the Kelce’s established a hotline to TMZ but if they were so concerned about it, why is his brother Jason namechecking Taylor on every episode of their podcast? I’m not convinced about the legitimacy of this reporting either but what does bother me is the subtle misogyny here. 


Taylor is the bigger star in this situation, there’s no contest. And now when we’re dealing with a couple in which the woman is the main event, suddenly we have to be hearing about how his family is wringing their hands about their innocent lamb of a football player son and how he’s going to handle it? This is like the Three Bears of Dating a Woman when you’re a celebrity athlete: 

She can’t be too unfamous because then she won’t understand his life. 

But she can’t be too famous because then her life will be more important than his. 

She has to be juuuust right.


Except just right is an illusion! Women are never just right, we’re never good enough, not even Taylor Swift FFS! So the right move here is to stay unbothered – and for Taylor it’s probably easier to stay unbothered given how 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is performing. Word is her new song, “Is It Over Now?” is headed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. We’ll have to wait until Monday to see if that actually happens but if it does, she’s replacing herself on that list because “Cruel Summer” is the current #1. 

As for what she and Travis are up to – Kansas City plays Miami in Germany on Sunday. People are now wondering whether or not she’ll be there with him, and then take him with her to South America as she resumes her tour since KC has a bye week after the Dolphins game which means he has at least ten days off. Even their schedules seemed to be aligned at this point.