Have you noticed that while everyone on Game of Thrones calls Daenerys “Your Grace” except for f-cking Jorah Mormont who’s still going around calling her “Khaleesi”? (Even Jon Snow, in public, calls her “Your Grace”.) I don’t know the official reason for it but my read is that Jorah has adopted it as a term of endearment, that perv, I hate him so much and I’m so mad at Sam for giving him that sword because it probably means he’ll survive the Battle of Winterfell. 

Anyway, Emilia Clarke was at the TIME 100 last night and she spent time talking to Taylor Swift, resulting in a pretty good meme: 


Taylor is a Game of Thrones fan. She referenced it on Instagram the other day in an Easter story. I wonder if she likes Jorah. She’d probably be on the pro-Jorah side of the room. You know who you are.  

As you can see, Taylor’s dressing on theme, the pastel theme of whatever “4.26” is. Is it a clothing and accessories line? Like I said yesterday, if it is, the pieces are ugly. I’m still leaning towards imagery from a new music video for a new song. And this is the latest rumour going around:

I’m looking forward to Twitter on Friday. Right now, as of post time, #AvengersEndgame is trending #1 worldwide as more and more are seeing it at advance screenings. Can’t imagine that’s going to slow down as we approach wide release day. And then there’s Taylor’s fanbase, always active on social media, always determined to send her to #1. If only BTS were doing something on the same day it’d be a hilarious battle royale.