Earlier this year, Taylor Swift released a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. She changed the first lyric from “Do you remember the 21st of September” to the “28th of September”, which all her fans took to mean that that’s the anniversary of when she and Joe Alwyn started dating. 

This past Friday, the 28th of September, Taylor showed up to support Joe at the premiere of The Favourite. Taylor had a few days off between her show in New Orleans on September 22 and her show in Houston on Saturday, the next day. Clearly not an issue though as she and Joe stayed out pretty late on Friday night at the after-party, returning to her apartment well after 2am. 

Taylor did not walk the carpet. She was seen inside the theatre talking to Jennifer Lawrence

Taylor and Jennifer have known each other a while and have been friendly since at least 2012. But remember, Jennifer is also tight with the Kardashians. The Kardashians are not above friend recruitment and collection, just like Taylor. Clearly that sh-t didn’t work on Jennifer, at least not publicly. Note too that Emma Stone (who’s in The Favourite) and Jen are super close. And Emma also is friends with Taylor. They’ve been friends for at least ten years. Here they are in 2008:


And here they are two years later, Taylor was Emma’s date at the Easy A premiere:


Emma’s been to #Taymerica. She was also seen at Taylor’s show back in July. Taylor may not be on that  Emma-Jen-Brie Larson group chat because clearly you need an Oscar for membership but in the petty ledger she keeps in her mind of all her feuds and dramas, this connection definitely counts as a win. 


More on Jennifer Lawrence coming up later.