Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour is in LA this week for six sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium starting tomorrow until next Wednesday which will mark the end of the U.S. leg of the tour, at least for now. As mentioned on Monday, there is now a rumour that she’s planning to add more dates in 2024, including Toronto for ten shows at Rogers Center. This is just a rumour for now – but if it actually ends up being true, it’s possible that since she’ll be performing in Canada, more North American dates could happen. 


After LA, Taylor has a break for a couple of weeks before kicking off the international tour in Mexico. But LA does mark the end…of an era, sort of. So she’s commemorating it with generosity. TMZ reported yesterday that she’s given $100,000 bonuses to the truck drivers on the tour who are transporting the sets and other staging equipment from one stop to the next which amounts to a total of around $5 million.

But now PEOPLE is adding that the figure is actually much higher where the bonuses are concerned because she actually bonuses everyone involved in the tour – dancers, crew, caterers, EVERYONE. So all told it’s about $55 million. That is not a typo…



Big generous energy. But what it costs Taylor, she gains back in PR. I mean this is an amazing look for her, especially in these times. She’s probably not the first and only pop superstar to bonus people but when it happens with other artists it’s usually a lot more discreet. Why be discreet here though? If she’s bonused out $55 million, what’s the point? Curious to see if this will be just the beginning of a trend? Will we be hearing more and more stories about tour bonuses? Will artists start dickswinging about how much bonuses they give out? I mean if they have to dickswing over anything, that’s not the worst thing. 

Here's Taylor performing in Santa Clara on Friday.