At the beginning of June Taylor Swift announced that The Eras tour would be travelling to Latin America. Last week she added even more dates across Europe, Asia, and also Australia. And just yesterday, nine additional shows were updated on the schedule.


You will note, there is no Canada on that list. And people here are pissed. 

It’s not like she’s never come to Canada on tour before but for whatever reason the maple leaf is getting shut out of The Eras tour, at least so far. Canadians have however been travelling across the US to see Taylor in concert. I am Canadian and while I’m not as invested as others in seeing Taylor perform, if I were to pick a show I would go out of the country, it would be London, which is where – at least so far – she appears to be concluding the tour with three shows at Wembley in August 2024.


Interesting that London is the final stop, non? London is where she has spent a lot of her time the last few years, maybe more than any other city. Because, of course, that’s where she was living with Joe Alwyn. Taylor singing “London Boy” in London will likely be a notable moment although I think it’ll be even more iconic if she does something to do with Cats during one of those shows considering, you know... that’s where the movie was filmed so imagine Taylor in London at Wembley … and “Macavity” starts playing, LOLOLOLOLOL forever. 


Anyway here’s Taylor yesterday in New York, once again at Electric Lady Studios where she’s been putting in a lot of time the last couple of months. This is a cute outfit, I do like that denim skirt, but my immediate focus when I saw these pictures was her shoes. Because I just got them myself, they’re so good. 


Taylor’s are G.H. Bass, the Mary Jane Fisherman Super Lug, in brown. I was actually trying to get them in off-white but they’re sold out of my size on the G.H. Bass website but… Urban Outfitters has them in off-white and it’s in Canada so you don’t have to pay duties – and it’s CHEAPER. Like it worked out to be half the price of what you would pay if you bought from G.H. Bass directly. Can’t really take credit for this though; it was my husband who saved 50% on this purchase because I haven’t activated my new credit card yet so I told him to buy them on his card and he ended up poking around and finding them in off-white at Urban Outfitters. So I’m passing this tip on to you if you’re in Canada. You’re not getting a Taylor Swift concert near you (yet) but you can get her shoes for cheaper.