Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s horny energy has been fuelling the gossip ecosystem this fall. People can’t stop talking about it over at The Squawk – and the conversation has been…lurid at times, LOL. Like I said the other day when I posted about their weekend in New York, T&T are serving big arousal vibes right now. But they haven’t quote taken it to full porn, at least not yet. This is still a rom-com and our two leads have not totally lost themselves in the lust. 


It was a good look for Travis when he showed up on Sunday to watch his brother Jason play and then went to the baseball game with him the next night. Taylor, meanwhile, stayed undercover through the week and turned up last night in LA for dinner with her girlfriends, Selena Gomez, Zoë Kravitz, and Keleigh Sperry. 

So it’s a good look for Taylor, too. On one weekend her red lipstick is all over the face of the mountain of a man she can pretty much climb, and then the next weekend she’s catching up with her ride-or-dies over sushi as if to make it clear that the heat hasn’t gotten to her head. Taylor Swift is not dickmatised. 


And, of course, even though Taylor + Travis are the hottest story in gossip right now, Taylor + Selena is evergreen. Between their two fandoms, the online community always pops off whenever they either share a photo of themselves together or step out together. And they don’t often give up pap photos when they step out together. So Taylor is keeping up the glowing momentum that she’s been floating on the last few weeks without Travis by her side necessarily….but still maintaining that rom-com vibe. 

Because in a rom-com, the leading lady always has a friend crew; the friend scenes – either dinner or coffee or a sleepover – are part of the rom-com formula, too. So who’s the Judy Greer in this situation, lol.