It’s not like, at this point, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce needed to go social media official – they are their own romantic comedy, nobody needed this confirmation. But as more and more video of TNT celebrating Kansas City’s Super Bowl win is being shared, Taylor shared one of her own. 


It’s TNT at the club… with her parents. 


accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life

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This is the first time he’s made an appearance on any of her socials. And the timing is so on brand for Taylor because it’s like he had to earn it, LOL. I’m not posting you until you win the Super Bowl – was that the motivation? 

I’m joking, calm down, football. 


To go back to my original point though, and what I’ve been saying for a while now, this girl loves winning and even though Travis had two Super Bowl wins prior to becoming her boyfriend, this was her Super Bowl, and she’s legitimising it with this commemoration. After all, in these times, posting a boy/girlfriend on social media is basically like a commitment ring. 

But there are other takeaways here too. If we’ve established that Taylor is not a casual poster, not someone who just posts anything without understanding its significance, seeing as how she’s aware of and encourages her massive fan base to read into anything and everything, the fact that Travis’s first appearance on her socials is happening alongside her parents also could be her way of saying that not only is everyone on board with this situation, but that they’re solid enough to take it to the club. I don’t know why the f-ck she’d want to be at the club after the Super Bowl with her parents but this is the Lifetime special we’re getting. 


And it’s not just her family but his too. Here’s yet another video from the parties and a close moment between Taylor and Jason Kelce: 


That one’s for the haters in the back and the MAGA trolls who insist on this being a fraud relationship. And this one’s for those who call TNT the OTP:


Also including another of Taylor being Taylor during Postie’s performance: 

And the reason I’m posting that one is because there were some people at The Squawk who thought that Travis might have given her the ick when he was on stage during the trophy presentation after the Super Bowl on Sunday night with all his mic shenanigans. Please. The Taylor we see at award shows and here at the party, up on her feet, singing every word, doing the most, is the Travis who’s doing the “VIVAAAAA LAS VEGAS” next to the Lombardi trophy. They are the same. This is what she was looking for after Joe Alwyn. 

Joe was never overtly on her socials. I haven’t memorised every Taylor Swift post in her digital history but I’m pretty sure Joe was never posted and probably never wanted to be posted. And never wanted to be outside. 


This is the most outside we’ve seen Taylor Swift, like ever. 

I’m not saying she never partied when she was with Joe, but it wasn’t this kind of partying. We weren’t getting hundreds of random cell phone videos of her shared online from the parties. Her security probably shut it down. And now? These people are filming freely while she’s drinking from the bottle, and dancing, and kissing her boyfriend and enjoying her reign as the TIME Person of the Year, riding this extraordinary streak of personal and professional victories to billionaire status. Outside Taylor found Outside Travis. And together they are GREAT for gossip. 

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