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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 7, 2017 17:16:14 September 7, 2017 17:16:14

Up until about two or three weeks ago, Taylor Swift’s 2017 has been pretty quiet. Up until about two or three weeks ago, the conversation about Taylor Swift in 2017 has been about what she’s been up to, where she is when she goes underground, who she’s spending time with, when will she re-emerge. Have you almost forgotten though that she disappeared? Her so-called “comeback” has been so loud, so dominant, it’s practically obliterated what it felt like when she was in retreat. We know now that it wasn’t as much of a retreat as it was a…when Dr Evil goes into his bunker to build a massive bomb, is there a word for that? Whatever that word is is what Taylor was doing – building a “reputation” and unloading it on us song by song, video by video, commercial by commercial.

New on Taylor Swift’s Instagram today – a series of videos promoting Taylor Swift Now, in collaboration with AT&T.


😃☎️ @att go.att.com/tsn

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Some real tough questions I had for Olivia.

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So we’ve gone from wondering WHERE IS TAYLOR WHAT IS SHE DOING all year to… Taylor Swift Now, a channel that will tell us “what Taylor is up to right NOW”. Riiiiiiiigghhhht. So was that part of the gone quiet plan? Remember when I was quiet and I stayed out of the spotlight and you missed me? And how much that sucked? Well subscribe to Taylor Swift Now – through DirecTV AT&T – and that won’t happen anymore.

See? She’s the Matrix. As Duana and I discussed on the last Show Your Work podcast, the machinations are the machinery. Even her downtime. And now it’s like we can tune into Taylor like Truman. Kind of a reality show, right? A scripted, sanctioned one? Not unlike the one with a certain family? If that’s what the play is here, that’s not a bad snake bite at all.

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