By the time you read this, it’ll already be Friday for me… and it’ll still be Thursday for you? I’m still so time zone confused and I’m telling you this because I can’t figure out when Thursday night is anywhere for anyone. The reason I’m trying to figure this out is because Taylor Swift kicks off the South American leg of The Eras tour in Buenos Aires on Thursday night but Thursday night has already happened for me while it hasn’t happened for many of you reading this right now. Anyway, I’ll stop making it about me. The point is… Taylor’s in Argentina and everyone is wondering whether or not Travis Kelce is also in Argentina, and if he is, that means we’re getting a new episode of what Sarah calls TNT. 


Both PEOPLE and Page Six reported yesterday that Travis is/was en route to join Taylor. Swifties, however, are way ahead of the media because they’ve been speculating, due to private jet activity, that Travis had already joined Taylor in NYC as early as Monday. Taylor arrived in Argentina on Wednesday, the Daily Mail has shots of her getting off her plane, hiding under an umbrella. No evidence of Travis, though, so they’re obviously keeping us guessing as to whether or not he’ll show up. He certainly has the time, but it’s not a lot of time. Apparently he’s due back in Kansas City on Sunday because he has practice on Monday. 


Travis was already hinting at a trip on the New Heights podcast this week. Or, rather, his brother Jason was hinting at it. 

So it’s Jason, once again, bringing up Taylor but not bringing up Taylor. Like it’s not Travis taking the conversation in that direction but Jason, and I mention this because, if you recall, last week there was all kinds of gossip, supposedly, coming from the Kelce family about how “concerned” they were that Travis was in a relationship that was such a heatscore. And yet Jason’s out here constantly trying to get Travis to talk about Taylor. 


How legit can those rumours that his family is so worried really be when someone so close to him keeps fueling the speculation and the interest? From my vantage point, the Kelces aren’t fretting about anything and it’s more likely that the misogyny jumped out of whoever was making up those source quotes. Because, of course, when a man is dating a woman who is so much more famous than he is, people always have to find a problem with it. 

Let us have this! It’s the best gossip of the year so far – and we might just get another installment, international style. I’ll have more on this tomorrow, or tonight, or whatever the f-ck time it is. For now, let's discuss on The Squawk