TNT is not yet in their second act—I think that will be when they’re a year deep into their relationship and it’s no longer new and sustaining it with their respective schedules becomes work—but they are in their second round of honeymoon phase, as Taylor Swift continues touring in Europe and Travis Kelce is doing his in between football gigs and has some down time. They were in Lake Como this week, which I think of as George Clooney’s backyard. You can see the exclusive photos at PEOPLE.


This after Travis Kelce was at Taylor’s Paris show:


It seems like every time they pop up, someone is anticipating the breakup (see also: Bennifer, which Lainey has written about in the Squawk mailbag which will go out at noon ET. Click here to subscribe!), but they still look pretty loved up. He’s still following her on her tour, as much as his own schedule allows. And if I had to speculate, which I am shamelessly going to do, one reason I think TNT has legs is because Travis stays busy. Obviously, he has football. But he’s booked his own gigs for the off season, he’s pursuing his own plans, his own work, outside of his relationship. Yes, he talks about Taylor on his podcast, and that is, to a degree, leveraging it for fame. But everyone does that to some extent, it’s hardly a cardinal sin for a famous person to talk about their personal life. 


Travis Kelce had a plan for his life and his career before he met Taylor Swift. Then he met her, successfully wooed her, is happy to be her groupie, but he’s still following his own plan. He didn’t change that part of himself to suit her. Which probably suits her best! Comedian Greg Behrendt had this great bit back in the day about how two people don’t “complete” each other, how the best relationship is like an Oreo, and the people are the cookies, and their relationship is the delicious filling they create between them. F-cking Jerry Maguire convinced a generation of people to look for “you complete me”, when we should be looking for our complementary cookie wafer. TNT reminds me of Greg’s Oreo analogy, which is why I remain uncynical about TNT. Anyway, do you think they saw George Clooney?