This is the second time this week I’ve been focused on Taylor Swift’s shoes. I just posted the other day about her mary janes because we have the same pair in different colours. And now there’s another shoe choice to talk about… but first, some work and fashion news. 


Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) comes out next Friday. Earlier this week there was a merch drop that lasted only 48 hours. There was already a Hunger Games situation happening with trying to get her tour tickets over in Australia and the limited window for merch purchase was obviously intended to generate the same demand. For a Taylor Swift fan, I get the value in putting in all that effort and money to see her live – she performs for three hours, it’s a whole experience connected to music, and for those of us who love live music, it’s worth it for your favourite artist. I am eight days away from this when Beyoncé rolls into my town next weekend. And I will 100% be getting the Renaissance merch. 

The Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) merch though? Have you seen it? 


I know this is meant to reflect the era but these pieces are ugly! The sketches of her feel, at least to me, like a bad imitation of Barbie. And then that image of all the glam Taylors set against the tie-dye?! I can’t understand how anyone signed off on this. 

Taylor’s street clothes on the other hand – here she is again at the studio yesterday in a floral print corset tank that’s probably now sold out at Free People. But, to go back to the shoes, what do we think of the slingback loafer? Taylor’s are Reformation and I definitely like a lug sole loafer slingback more than a flat loafer slingback but the way I see it, a loafer is a perfect shoe, I’m not sure it needs to be in slingback form even with a flower print or a dress to mimic a sandal because, again, a loafer basically goes with anything.