Taylor Swift, for the second weekend in a row, was #1 at the box office with her The Eras Tour movie with $32 million. Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon had a strong start, especially considering the film is over three hours long but Taylor remains dominant at the cineplex and, soon, she’ll probably do the same on the music charts since 1989 (Taylor’s Version) comes out on Friday with a vault track that’s reportedly called “Slut!” and Swifties have been theorising that a new video, possibly for that song, will be coming. 


So she’s winning at the movies, she’ll be winning in music, and she also keeps winning on the field. 

The celebrity rom-com of the season feels like episodic television right now, non? Once a week, Taylor and Travis Kelce are giving us a new installment of their story. This week’s episode returns to Kansas City, where Taylor watched from the suite as Travis and KC beat the Chargers, with 12 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown. 


Taylor has a perfect NFL win streak. So we are way beyond the hex label – there is no way the dude bros can pull the misogyny accusation and blame her for bad play. In fact, it would seem as though it’s quite the opposite. Not to say that Travis wasn’t already an all-star player and probable future Hall of Famer. But he’s also been playing up to the moment since Taylor took over the story. And if you watch enough sports, you know this doesn’t always happen. Pressure is a real thing. That’s why we call it heat, and some players wither in the heat. 

Travis, so far, is doing the opposite – he appears to be thriving in the heat, and coming up big when more eyeballs are on him. Which… must be such a turn-on, because of course I’m bringing it back to the horny. That’s why we’re here, talking about sports. Because I can imagine this is what it must be like for her: it’s sexy when someone when is good at their job; this is basically the point I’ve been pounding on this site for over a decade, and we did it on our podcast Show Your Work. Few things are hotter than when someone is killing it at work. It’s one of the reasons, at least for me, that Mr & Mrs Smith was such a horny movie. Those two characters were at the top of the assassin/spy game. That was the attraction. 

This is what’s happening here with Taylor and Travis. Her job is being a popstar – and she’s one of the best at it. His job is being a tight end – and he’s one of the best at it. He’s watched her be great at her job. Now she’s watching him, weekly, be great at his job. Her boyfriend is a winner. Winning is an aphrodisiac, and that’s not really a drug that she’s gotten to enjoy in her romances in the past. Like, sure, her ex-boyfriends experienced different ranges of success… but not like this, not in such an obvious way, where there’s literally a scoreboard, a measurement tool with a purpose: to declare, unequivocally, a victor when the clock runs out. 


For someone like Taylor who, as we have seen over the course of her own career, loves to accumulate the measurement tools of success in her own profession – album sales figures, charts and #1 hits, and trophies (no one loves a trophy more than Taylor Swift) – that scoreboard is her G-spot right now. It’s why, at the moment, these two are such a perfect celebrity pairing. 

So Taylor is living her best WAG life. She’s doing secret handshakes with her WAG BFF, Brittany Mahomes: 


She’s wearing a friendship bracelet with Travis’s number…

Which is something he conjured into existence: 


And she has her arm around him in the golf cart as they make their way out of the stadium after the game, heading back to his place for the post-game party. 

That’s where she was before the game, and we know this because Bernie Kosar posted a photo before kickoff. 


LOL at all those hashtags. This man clearly knows how to exploit a moment for his own business. Wonder if sales for his vitamins are going to get a Taylor bump. Swifties aren’t that easy – they shared the photo, but they are definitely not talking about his wellness oils.

You know what else made me laugh, though? Remember last week when Taylor and Travis were in New York and he waved off her security to help her out of the car? Some fans decided to turn this into a thing – like whether or not he was rude and offended her security team, which he dismissed on his podcast a few days later. 

But check it out, according to the paps, one of her bodyguards was seen wearing a KC hoodie while escorting her to the game yesterday. I can’t say for sure if this man really is a member of her security team, could just be a Kansas City staff member. But if it is, I do like this callback. 

By the way, Taylor and Travis seem to be matching their fits now. They walked out of the arena in red. And holding hands. Of course the first time she dates an athlete his team colour would be RED.